EGYPT, the land of pharaohs. One of the oldest civilizations in the world and today one of the most populated countries and poorest in terms of natural resources and average wages which is below 100$ a month. Egypt faces number of social and economic challenges today and falls behind when it comes to sustainable development.

How can you contribute?

  • Save water: limit the showering time and duration as possible while in Egypt. There is no need to request new towels or bedsheets everyday at hotel. Use lower pressure on tab water each time you wash your hands or brush your teeth.
  • Save Energy: 
  • Purchase from poor merchants and street vendors; Most of these people make less than 2$ a day and they have families to support.
  • Donate books: Egyptian public libraries are oftwn used by school and university students who cant afford to purchase books but most public libraries lack quality and quantity in scientific and other genre books. The computer section in biggest library in Cairo still have books how to learn Windows98. If you have any books you don’t need (English or Arabic), you can bring them and contact us and we will meet you.
  • Feed stray animals: There are hundreds thousands of stray animals in Egypt suffering from malnutrition and sometimes stay upto weeks without any food or water. you can bring bag of dry food and feed them when you see them occasionally in streets or inside touristic locations, you need not direct contact with them, they avoid people anyway because of mistreatment, you can put the food from distance and they will be very grateful. You can also donate to our stray animals rescue organization via this link Donate


Our Tours in Egypt


Local Cairo food Tour   45USD per person

Explore local parts of Cairo and try incredible local cuisine. Join us enjoy unique large selection of more than 20 types of local foods, drinks and desserts but you also support local businesses and vendors and help them cope with the economic crisis. We employ female guides as females representation in tourism industry in Egypt is less than 5% as men are often given priorities in job offers leaving hundreds of skilled women behind.



nile harmony sail, relax and restore    40USD per person

Relaxing and rewarding experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to admire the breathtaking scenery and iconic landmarks, but you’ll also contribute to the preservation of this vital waterway by participating in a plastic cleanup activity. Nile River faces moderate to high levels of pollution particularly near urban centers from various sources like agricultural runoff, industrial waste. Plastic pollution, a growing concern, negativity impact ecosystems and potentially entering the food chain and potentially impacting fish populations and ultimately reaching humans.