INDIA, the Land of vibrant colors, ancient traditions, and diverse landscapes land of Hinduism, the world’s oldest religion and Indus valley, one of the oldest civilizations in the world and empires like the Mauryas and Mughals. Today the most populated country in the world faces number of economic and social challenges. India’s position on sustainability is a complex mix of progress and lagging, for example while it ranks as the world’s third-largest producer of renewable energy, with a significant push towards solar and wind power, it is still a major contributor to global carbon emissions due to its dependence on fossil fuels.

How can you contribute?

  • Minimize waste: Carry reusable water bottles, handkerchiefs, and shopping bags. Opt for biodegradable or minimal packaging products. Dispose of waste responsibly in designated bins.
  • Conserve water: Take shorter showers, use hotels with water-saving practices, and avoid littering waterways.
  • Shop at local markets and craft shops: Purchase souvenirs directly from artisans and street vendors, support handmade locally produced crafts and avoid mass-produced items.
  • Respect wildlife: India is one of the richest wildlife countries. Only visit ethical animal sanctuaries and donate to wildlife conservation projects, avoid elephant rides and any activities associated with animal abuse, and follow responsible wildlife viewing practices.
  • Respect local culture: Dress modestly and educate yourself about basic Hindu phrases like hindun greeting word “Namaste” and religious practices, Hinduism is the main religion in India with over 1.1 billion hindus. Be respectful to temples maintain a respectful demeanor within temples. Photography is often restricted, so ask permission before taking pictures.
  • Feed stray animals: There are millions of stray dogs and cats in India strays struggle to survive, facing hunger, malnutrition, disease, and harsh weather conditions. you can put the food from distance and they will be very grateful. You can also donate to our stray animals rescue organization via this link Donate


Our Tours in INDIA


Unleash your inner eco-designer   40USD per person

Join this unique handcraft workshop in Mumbai and learn the art of upcycling single use plastics into fashionable bags and cases. Instead of ending up in rivers and destroy marine life, the single use plastics are transformed to amazing products, you will learn how to craft and design a bag from scratch guided by experienced local artisans. You can also purchase some beautiful products as souvenirs from the gallery that is run by local businesses concerned with sustainability.